PIC18 USB Project

This is a sample project that uses a custom USB HID implementation to provide communication between a PIC18F2455 and a Java application over USB. It uses the javahidapi project from Codeminders to achieve this. The project includes sample PIC18 code and sample Java code which allows you to control an LED connected to the RA0 pin on the PIC over USB. Project setup instructions are provided.

Currently XC8 is not supported, you must use C18. XC8 support will be added once XC8 and the Microchip USB Stack are compatible.

The source can be easily modified to handle different microcontrollers. The link to the bitbucket site is found below. If you use Mercurial, you can also clone the project with the following command:

hg clone https://bitbucket.org/dmorrish/usbcustomhid